Autoupdt help file

for rev 008 of autoupdt.exe


Autoupdt (autoupdate) will update your local callsign database for use with the Callwin (or Callwin+) programs. The updates are weekly, typically on sundays, since that is when the FCC updates their databases. The result is a local callsign database that you can use offline.

This is all free. I enjoy doing it as a service to the ham community, especially the NTSers. i have an email list to announce when a new update is available, or you can just run autoupdt occasonally until it finds a new update.

It will also build a local Canadian callsign database, which Callwin+ uses. (Callwin is for US calls, Callwin+ is US+Canada). The zlib1.dll file is required for updating the Canadian calls. If zlib1.dll is not present, the Update Canada button will be disabled, but autoupdt will function fine for updating the US callsign database.

The main Canadian database is updated daily, mon-fri. It is only a 2Mb file, so autoupdt downloads the whole file to create your local Canadian database for Callwin+.


Just put autoupdt.exe (and optionally zlib1.dll) into the same folder as your call.db and callwin.exe files. If you downloaded the file, just create a folder, say "calldb", and unzip it all into that folder. You can make shortcuts to your desktop in the normal fashion by right-click-dragging the exe to the desktop and saying Create shortcut. You can also right-click on the exe and Send to > Desktop (create shortcut).


Close the callwin (or callwin+) program before starting autoupdt.

You should be connected to the internet when you start autoupdt.exe, because it will immediately go to the update web site and look for updates. It will then download any updates that you need and install them (ie update your call.db file with each one).

Each of the weekly updates contains just the changes from the week before. Thus, they are small files, like 80kb. when i wrote these programs i only had dialup, so they "relate" to those with dialup.

But autoupdt keeps all the updates straight. It knows the date of your database (imbedded in the file), and which updates to apply, one week at a time, to get you up to date.

The download progress is shown on the left for each update file, and each db update is shown on the right, the number of new, deleted, and changed calls processed in the update.

Up to 8 files can be updated at a time. If you need more than that, press the Repeat update button, and up to 8 more updates will be processed.

The Clean up button will delete previous update files and previous databases. Each time the call.db database file is updated, a copy of the previous one is saved with its date, eg call0710.db would be the database from july (07) 10th. The database files are close to 40Mb, so you probably don't want to keep too many of them around.

The Update Canada button will update the Canadian callsign database cancall.db if you have the zlib1.dll file on your system (either in your callsign folder, or in a system dll folder). When updating the Canadian data, be sure to wait until the status column says done before you exit the program.

The SneakerNet buttons will let you easily copy the update file to a floppy for updating another computer without internet access. Floppy? Yeow!!! This sure dates the program. I will update it to "removable media", ie floppies, thumb drives, etc when i get a chance.

The lower window is for "interesting information", mainly to help me if there's a problem. So just enjoy it, or if you have a problem, right-click in the lower window and select all then ctl-c to copy it, then paste it into an email.


autoupdt.exe used to be autoupdate.exe and autoupdate+.exe. Windows 7 and Vista think any file with "update" or "install" in the name is out to destroy your computer, so it calls the "UAC" (user account control) for permission to let the program run. What a pain for a little program that is just going to update a database file. So the first change is just the name. autoupdt does not trigger the paranoia patrol.

Second change is that autoupdt does not care if zlib1.dll is there or not. Before, you had to use autoupdate if the dll was not there, and you could only use autoupdate+ if the dll was there. autoupdt will use the dll if it's there, and not complain if it's not.

Oh.... a third change - this help file. Sorry... i try to make the programs "obvious". But obviously, what is obvious to one is not obvious to all. And it's in win7/vista-friendly webpage format.


i am dave allen, wb0taq, colorado springs, colorado
Canadian database zip file 2Mb unzips to 14Mb unix/text file, ie in Windows open with wordpad, not notepad.
FCC weekly database download - of interest is the Licenses file under "Amateur Radio Service" (103Mb). It unzips into several database (.dat) files that you can load into a spreadsheet if you get totally bored someday. This is the file i download each week and crunch it down into the call.db file, 20Mb zip'd.